How to manage and maintain frizzy hair

A common problem with many people, men and women alike, is frizz. Do you have unruly curl? Coarse gray hair? Fine hair that just acts out in humidity? You may have frizzy hair.

Frizz is just an unruly layer that sits on top of the hair. If you have curly hair, this is usually just dehydrated hair. Curly hair is dryer than straight hair and needs more moisture. Frizz can also be brought on by styling. If you have curly hair you don’t want to over brush because this will cause the cuticle to raise up, creating a frizzy texture.

Leave-in products can also help with frizz. Just make sure to check with your stylist about which products will work best for you. Products too heavy for your hair type will just weigh your hair down, and products that are too light will not nourish the hair enough. So you want to find the perfect balance.

Kerastase ELIXIR ULTIME versatile nourishing oil works with all hair types and can be used in damp hair or lightly in dry hair to promote frizz control throughout the day. As a bonus it also gives the hair smoothness and shine.

Want a longer lasting frizz fix? Try out a keratin treatment. We offer The Brazilian Blowout – a treatment that lasts up to 12-14 weeks and will eliminate frizz but allow you to keep your natural waves for a smoother more manageable look! This treatment lessens blow dry time, smoothes hair, and will simplify your morning!

Tips to get your hair through the summer heat

  • Condition regularly
  • Use shampoo/conditioner/styling products with UV filters
  • Give your hair a break from the heat and embrace a braided look
  • Nourish with essential oils
  • Quench your locks with a weekly hair masque
  • Use a sulfate free shampoo to protect your color from fading