How you’re damaging your hair and how to stop it

With flat irons and curling irons reaching temperatures up to 450˚F and blow dryers being more powerful than ever, we have entered a new age of caution with our hair.

On a daily basis we blow dry, flat iron, curl, or a number of other things to our hair striving for better results. As stylists and clients we tend to buy hotter tools that generally promote quicker styling times and better results. As that may be the case, sometimes we don’t go the extra mile to protect it.

Leave-in conditioners and argan oils are no longer enough.

Healthy hair burns at roughly the same temperature as paper – 451.4˚F. If your hair is anything less than healthy (colored, dry, etc.) chances are you are probably doing more damage.

Although most of us do not need to crank our tools up to the max temperature of 450˚F, we do, because we believe it will give us better results.

Consult with your stylist to find out what temperature you will need to achieve desired results. Usually you will find that you are overcompensating with heat to achieve results that can be done with product or technique, and without damaging your hair.

Remember that a blow dryer with a dirty vent can actually cause as much damage to your hair as a 450˚F flat iron, because it overheats due to lack of air circulating.

Using extreme heat? Use a heat protectant that will protect your hair from high temperatures.

Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique will be sure to protect hair up to 450˚F, as well as nourish and soften, while improving styling. Be sure to ask us about other products from the Kerastase Thermique collection!