Preventing Sun Damage, Fading, and Chlorine Buildup

As summer approaches and temperatures rise we become drawn to outdoor activities. Brighter days are great for so many reasons, but can wreck havoc on your hair. So don’t skip the sunshine – just make sure you double up on SPF for your hair as well as your skin! This will maintain the lifetime of your color by preventing fading, and if you have natural hair, it prevents bleaching out. It will also keep your hair from drying out.

Many products this summer will be focused on SPF protection for your hair like shampoos, conditioners, and leave-in oils. Keeping your hair hydrated is key to beating the damaging effects of the sun. Your hair naturally absorbs the first liquid it’s exposed to, like a sponge.

So before you take a dive into that chlorine filled pool, drench your locks with some leave in conditioner or even tap water. This will also save the blondes from green strands!

To keep your hair healthy and clean, make sure you are cleansing your hair with a deep cleansing shampoo after endless days at the pool. Chlorine takes away the hair’s natural shine and will leave it dry and lifeless.

In the summertime we also tend to wash our hair more, because of more outdoor activity our hair tends to look “greasy” or dirty. Use a moisture balancing shampoo to cleanse instead. This will cleanse your scalp and moisturize your ends.

Make sure to check with your Image Nation Salons stylist, to customize a plan of action for your hair and skin this summer!